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March 13, 2023

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel, UMMA Staff Read the Museum’s Wackiest Online Reviews


Just For Fun

“I wonder how many people have slammed into the transparent glass doors in the upper galleries. Dangerous! Zero stars!”

In the same vein as the segment “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” from the show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as the popular podcast “Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet,” some U-M Museum of Art employees recently took to TikTok to read some of the wackiest online reviews UMMA has received on websites like Google Reviews and Tripadvisor.

Someone wrote that visiting UMMA is “a very nice alternative to doing nothing at home.” (A little passive-aggressive, maybe, but they meant well.) Someone else decided to leave 3 stars despite only jogging past because “it looks like a museum from the outside.” (Whoever you are…please come back.)

Not all of them were mean! Someone left a glowing 5-star review for all the dinosaurs hanging from the ceiling. (Cheers to our friends down the street at the U-M Museum of Natural History.) Someone else praised the UMMA Cafe’s non-existent “great burgers.” (Maybe they thought the macarons were sliders?)

And as for those too-transparent glass doors? We’ll take it as a compliment meant for UMMA’s custodial staff, whose hard work is the reason the doors in question are so clean that they become invisible. Come see them (or, uh…come not see them) for yourself!

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