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A Grab-Bag of Fun: UMMA’s New Self-Guided Tour Inspires Curiosity
Jul 24, 2023
UMMA's new self-guided tour can help level-up your experience.
Photo Story: UMICH Students Show Off Their ‘Dopamine Dressing’ on the Diag
May 1, 2023
We partnered with @umichfits to highlight the U-M student's take on a new trend.
Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel, UMMA Staff Read the Museum’s Wackiest Online Reviews
Mar 13, 2023
UMMA employees recently took to TikTok to read some of the wackiest online reviews UMMA has received.
Student Blog
You Can Live Inside an Artwork for a Day, Which Do You Choose?
Feb 28, 2023
UMMA's Student Advisory Board answers a tough question.