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March 22, 2023

Introducing: ‘Truth Cache Webinars’

By Yrsa Anwatin

Boozhoo nindinawemaaganidoog! Yrsa Anwatin nindizhiniikaaz, Gawaabaabiganikaag nindoonjibaa, Ann Arbor nindaw, makwa nindoodem.

Hello, all of my relatives and friends! My name is Yrsa Anwatin. My family is originally from the White Earth Band of Minnesota Ojibwe and I grew up in Cornucopia, Wisconsin, near the Red Cliff band, but I now live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am from the bear clan. My own field of practice is in ethnomusicology, and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Michigan. In my work, I specifically focus on indigenous music of the Great Lakes tribes and cultural revitalization initiatives.

Recently I have had the great privilege of working as the assistant program coordinator for Andrea Carlson’s Asanjigowin or Future Cache exhibition at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. I have been greatly inspired by Andrea’s evocation of Anishinaabe material practices of creating caches for the future.

As a way of building this idea further into the community and into other spheres of cultural practice, I have been speaking with culture bearers across the region about their practice of powwow. With the aim of creating resources for both the wider public to better understand Anishinaabe culture and for the Native community as we continually reconnect with our own cultural practice and build community and sovereignty, I present to you the Debwewin Asanjigowin or Truth Cache Webinars.

Debwewin in Anishinaabemowin is a word that means truth, but is rooted in the teaching that the sound of the drum, or the heartbeat, is the truest possible sound.

This is a series of conversations with culture bearers about drum and dance teachings, regalia, and powwow practice. Intentionally open ended and conversational, this series is about our community being able to tell our expressions of truth through our powwow practice.

Episode One of Truth Cache is Available to View Now on YouTube.

K’chi miigwech, many thanks for your support and interest. We hope you’ll join us in conversation and learning.

View of a gallery installation. Black walls with gold and silver text tell the story of the Burt Lake Band of Anishinaabe Native Americans
Photo by Jeri Hollister and Patrick Young, Michigan Imaging

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Future Cache

Andrea Carlson

Now thru June 2025

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