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Student Blog
The Convergence between Fashion and Visual Arts: Aya Takano x Issey Miyake Fashion Show
Mar 18, 2024
AW 2004 fashion show of Issey Miyake and Aya Takano, where fashion seamlessly merged with visual art.
Student Blog
SAB Goes Abroad: Rotterdam’s Destroyed City Memorial
Mar 18, 2024
As a SAB member, I will dive into some history of Rotterdam’s Destroyed City Memorial, a massive sculpture I had the opportunity to visit.
Student Blog
Autumnal Art at UMMA!
Nov 6, 2023
Ten artworks in the UMMA collection to help you hang on to the last bit of fall.
Student Blog
Silent Disco: Two Works in Conversation by Alexandra Collins
Nov 5, 2023
Board Member Alexandra Collins Discusses her recent exhibition on campus.
Student Blog
Kate Tremel Invites Us to Breathe
Nov 2, 2023
Kayla Turner describes her experience at Kate Tremel's "Breathe".
Student Blog
A Night of Love and Loss: P Meets a Friend
Oct 17, 2023
Pretzel is back and trying to process some new experiences.
Student Blog
Book Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Piece of Art at UMMA
Jul 17, 2023
Six book recommendations based on art at UMMA.
Student Blog
Reflecting on the Women of UMMA’s Galleries
Mar 29, 2023
A reflection on the depictions of women on display at UMMA.
Student Blog
Introducing: ‘Truth Cache Webinars’
Mar 22, 2023
Introducing our latest video series ‘Truth Cache Webinars’.
Student Blog
An Inside Scoop into Yehrim Lee’s Dopamine Dressing
Mar 9, 2023
Emma Cordova's interview with Yehrim Lee whose solo exhibition is on display.
Student Blog
You Can Live Inside an Artwork for a Day, Which Do You Choose?
Feb 28, 2023
UMMA's Student Advisory Board answers a tough question.
Student Blog
Chatting with Philippa P.B. Hughes: A Social Sculptor
Aug 11, 2022
Artist and social sculptor Philippa P.B. Hughes recently sat down with SAB Members to discuss her art practice.
Student Blog
Approaching Art from the Outside with Professor Sascha Crasnow
Aug 10, 2022
I recently had a conversation with Sascha Crasnow, a University of Michigan lecturer in Islamic Arts and Culture.
Student Blog
Serving the Empire on a Plate: The Charm and Legacy of Blue and White Ware
Aug 1, 2022
The exhibition 'Around the World in Blue and White' explores the history and influence of blue and white ceramics across the globe.
Student Blog
Mythology Connections: Don’t Fly Too Close to the Sun
Apr 1, 2022
Charles Ginnever’s 'Daedalus', stands on the South University side of UMMA.