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Feb 29 at UMMA


Art gallery interior showing an exhibition space with light blue walls and tiled floors. Two benches are centrally placed on the floor. To the left, a large colorful abstract painting is displayed, featuring vibrant reds and oranges with scattered elements of blue and pink. Adjacent to the right is a smaller framed artwork. A wall text titled "A Gathering" is visible on the right side.
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Apse
View of a gallery installation. Black walls with gold and silver text tell the story of the Burt Lake Band of Anishinaabe Native Americans
Andrea Carlson
Now thru June 2025
Vertical Gallery
Eleanor Noyes Crumpacker Gallery
A celebration of UMMA's fall season with exhibition openings of You're Welcome, Hear Me Now, and A Gathering.
A. Alfred Taubman Gallery II
Groups of people stand and walk through a light green room with dark wooden vitrines and gilded framed paintings on the wall in the Unsettling Histories exhibition.
European and American Decorative Art
A line of people walk toward a museum entrance, and a large sculpture of a white head stands tall next to them.
Jaume Plensa
UMMA Exterior