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Highly decorated gold frame, broken on the top edge and fractured on the bottom edge. A large piece of gold and red fabric with a gold fringe is covered with numerous multi-covered shirts, tunics, or other similar garments sewn across the front, giving a quilted appearance.
Photo of Bodies & Souls by artist Suchitra Mattai from the A Gathering exhibition. Installation Photo by Neil Kagerer.

A Gathering

Curated by: Félix Zamora Gómez, Irving Stenn, Jr. Fellow in Public Humanities & Museum Pedagogy
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Apse


A Gathering brings together the newest works of art to enter UMMA’s collection — many on display here for the first time.

As a free, public museum, UMMA staff takes care of art for the benefit of the community and society at large. The works on view in this exhibition, all brought into the Museum between 2019 and the present, shows how institutions like UMMA are becoming more permeable to societal challenges, and more nimble in responding to them in service to all in their communities. In this exhibition you will find works that reflect on how global migrations, race, gender, and ecological change shape the way we engage with the world and inform our visions for the future.

This collection of artistic engagements with issues give us tools to envision who we want to be as individuals, as a museum, and as a society, connected to one another across space and experience.

So gather here to take in these latest works of art brought here for you. Gather here to be engulfed in their forms and meanings, to discuss their takes, to learn, to disagree. Gather to relax, make a friend, drink a coffee, finish the daily Wordle. Gather to feel full, to be moved and inspired by all the possible imaginations of what is yet to come.

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Installation views of the UMMA Exhibitions "A Gathering"
A Gathering Exhibition Tour — With Curator Felix Zamora Gomez
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Apse
Sun, Mar 24, 2024 2:00pm–3:00pm
Two young female visitors examine a modern art piece that is hung against a bright pink wall.
A Gathering Exhibition Tour — with Curator Felix Zamora Gomez
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Apse
Sun, Mar 3, 2024 2:00pm–3:00pm
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A Gathering Exhibition Tour – With Curator Felix Zamora Gomez
Museum of Art
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Select Objects on View

Deb Puretz
4 plate print, collaged on paper
Jess T. Dugan
photograph on paper
May 11, 1982
Richard Mock
print on paper
Suchitra Mattai
fabric, metallic thread, and sequins on vintage frame
Annie Pootoogook; Inuit
aquatint on paper
Gordon Newton
watercolor, pencil, and oil pastel on paper


Lead support for this exhibition is provided by Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch, the Richard and Rosann Noel Endowment, and the University of Michigan Office of the Provost.