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UMMA Marketing Support - Process, Timelines and Requests

This page will help you find the information you need about working with the Marketing team to support your programs, events, and other marketing and communications needs.

UMMA People Info

Use the link below if you;

  • Are new to UMMA and need to submit your info for the website
  • Need to update your current listing on on our website
  • Need business cards or an email signature
Submit Information

Website Error

Use the link below if;

  • Incorrect information
  • Broken link
  • Grammar / spelling mistake
  • I can’t find what I’m looking for!
  • Object / image missing from collection search
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Event Materials / General Design Request

Fliers, event programs, signage, swag, etc. Maximum two rounds of review.

8-10 weeks in advance

Email Request

Event registration emails, newsletter requests, e-invites, etc. One content review. One design review.

4 weeks in advance (with content)

Photography Request

Request to capture event or exhibition photography

2 weeks in advance

Print + Mail Request

Event invites, postcards, new letterhead, etc. Maximum two rounds of review.

10 weeks in advance

Please submit requests for marketing materials following the guidelines above. Requests made outside of these timelines may not be possible. Timelines allow for two rounds of revisions to materials.

Submit a Marketing Request

Design + Materials Process

  1. Submit a request using the appropriate form below. Jump to form.
  2. Content will be due one week after your request is made; For emails, content is due at the time of the request unless you request early.
  3. The Marketing Team will follow up with a detailed timeline in Asana, assigning you to relevant tasks and deadlines
    If content is requested of you, please provide it in a Google Doc via the Asana task by the assigned deadline
  4. INITIAL REVIEW: Marketing will review the content and return to you an updated and reformatted version that will be used to create final materials.
  5. Make any additional content edits in the Google Doc
  6. DESIGN / CREATION: Your materials will be developed
  7. EXTERNAL / PARTNER REVIEW: If required, an external review will take place once created materials are developed. Please ask partners to track changes in the content Google Doc shared with you.
  8. FINAL REVIEW: Created materials will be shared with you for a final review. Any final adjustments can be made at this point. Please track changes in the content Google Doc shared with you.
  9. LOCKED FILES: Finalized materials will be sent to production.

What can I design myself?

In limited circumstances, individuals will be permitted to create and design marketing materials on their own, if they have been granted access to our shared Canva account. Usually this is granted if templates have previously been created for specific situations; guidelines for those templates have been added to Canva. All drafts should still be shared with Marketing to ensure alignment with brand guidelines and standards. Permitted projects include:

  • Promotional fliers for non-marquee events
  • PEL Exhibition Guides and Workbooks (following established template)
  • Event invites to fewer than 100 people
  • Internal educational materials used in Docent or staff training

Any other design needs should be requested using this form. Shortened or rushed timelines do not create exceptions to these permissions.