Subject Matters


Spend an evening with art and ideas

ccminilogo.png Offered in conjunction with Curriculum / Collection at UMMA

Subject Matters is like an internet rabbit hole happening live, at an art museum. 

This popular event series invites you to have the same kind of fun exploration of ideas and connections in person that you love scrolling through online. 

If you’d watch a video with any of these titles, Subject Matters is an event you don’t want to miss:

  • The Disturbing and Dangerous Ways Art Helped Build European Empires
  • The Metaphysical Questions ‘Weird Art’ Is Helping Us Answer
  • This Art Is Too Big (And Too Small) To Be Made By Humans

For each session, you’ll join a guest U-M professor or curator and UMMA curator Dave Choberka for an evening of intriguing exploration, sparks of curiosity, and a new kind of social learning with art. For 90 minutes, you’ll dive deep into a topic you had no idea could be so interesting, and leave thinking “who knew I loved learning about [insert subject matter here]!"


We’d love to see you at all the Subject Matters sessions! Keep your eyes open for new Subject Matters sessions in upcoming semesters.

Subject Matters is offered in collaboration with the UM faculty who worked with UMMA to curate installations in Curriculum / Collection for use by their university classes. Together, we are bringing the UMMA classroom experience to you. You’ll learn about the subject matter, about art, and you’ll have loads of fun doing it. We hope to see you there.

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