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Plan a K-12 Tour

a group of young students walk single file into an art museum. A large white sculpture of a head stands near the entrance
Photo by Liz Barney

In a group experience, your class will reflect, discuss, and learn together about culture and our world.

About Group Tours at UMMA

Guided Tours

Led by experienced docents

Group Size

25-30 students or less


1 for every 6 students

Bus Funding

available for qualified classes


Guided Tour Description:
Students will engage with approximately 4 works of art related to a theme. Objects will be selected from a variety of exhibitions. Discussion will focus on artistic process and materials as well as connecting art to personal experience, current events, and classroom content. An emphasis will be placed on how art can advance equity and justice.

Example Tour Themes

How We Express Ourselves
Identity, Creativity, and Persuasion
How the World Works
Systems, Processes, and Materials
Sharing the Planet
Sustainability and the Environment

Bus Grants

Busing costs are covered by UMMA for qualifying visits, submit a tour request to find out more.


Submit Tour Request

Reservation Process

  1. Complete the online K-12 Group Tour Request form below, listing your preferred dates and start times.
  2. You will receive an automatic reply that your tour request has been submitted.
  3. UMMA staff will manually schedule your visit. We will do our best to honor your preferred date.
  4. You will receive a personalized email confirmation that includes detailed preparation information. If you have applied for bus funds, you will be notified about the process at that time.
  5. Two weeks prior to your tour, we will ask you to confirm that all details for your class visit are correct.

Start Your Tour Request

K-12 Group Tour Request Form


Programs for K-12 students and educators are generously supported by Michigan Medicine and the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Foundation.