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UMMA News & Blogs

Meet the Applebaum Interns Making Their Mark at UMMA This Summer
Jun 22, 2023
UMMA is thrilled to welcome two new interns helping bring important projects to life.
UMMA’s SLAM: An Exclusive Interview with Pretzel
May 2, 2023
An exclusive interview with an attendee of UMMA's SLAM event.
Photo Story: UMICH Students Show Off Their ‘Dopamine Dressing’ on the Diag
May 1, 2023
We partnered with @umichfits to highlight the U-M student's take on a new trend.
At UMMA, We Ask This 3-Part Question That Changes the Way People Think About Art
Apr 25, 2023
We’ll let you in on a little secret: there is no exact right way to visit UMMA.
Reflecting on the Women of UMMA’s Galleries
Mar 29, 2023
A reflection on the depictions of women on display at UMMA.
Introducing: ‘Truth Cache Webinars’
Mar 22, 2023
Introducing our latest video series.
An Inside Scoop into Yehrim Lee’s Dopamine Dressing
Mar 9, 2023
Emma Cordova's interview with Yehrim Lee whose solo exhibition is on display.
You Can Live Inside an Artwork for a Day, Which Do You Choose?
Feb 28, 2023
UMMA's Student Advisory Board answers a tough question.